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Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Fred Migliore

Fred serves as Founder, CEO and Host of FM Odyssey Radio, Inc. in Merritt Island, FL. Prior to founding FM Odyssey Radio, Inc., Fred served as Founder and CEO of Another Unconventional Sunday Morning, a radio program that was based in Florida and grew to syndication of what we now know as FM Odyssey. At present, Fred is a member of Conscious Living Partnership and received the award of Outstanding Visionary of the Year for 2008. Fred attended Columbia School of Broadcasting where he studied Broadcasting and graduated in 1977.

Fred's core expertise includes: Radio Broadcasting, Radio Production, CEO of a Nationally Syndicated Radio Production Company and educating people on the impact of music from legendary musicians along with new and emerging artists. In his personal time, Fred enjoys Music, studying the social impact of music on our society and being involved within the community he lives.

Where FM Odyssey is Headed - Committed to our vision, mission and value statements, and our desire to delight our customers, FM Odyssey will become a premier nationally recognized radio programming company.

By the end of 2011, we envision FMO as a place that:

*Attracts, hires and retains people committed to our vision and to delighting our customers *Focuses on providing the innovative, dependable, top shelf programming expected by our listeners, available through multiple delivery mechanisms

*Reflects our commitment to providing a genuine, sophisticated listening experience that establishes a connection between the music and the listener that makes a positive difference with each of our customers

*Is a pleasant, caring and rewarding company with whom to work

*continues to be a highly successful business, providing the most innovative products available on the market

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