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Friday, March 27, 2009

Reviews for Dan Fogelberg Retrospective CD

Christmas came early for me as I just finished listening to Dan Fogelberg: A Retrospective Interview! I purchased this cd, not for the music (as I have it all, of course!) but for the rare chance to hear this private man speak about the inspiration and thoughts behind his incredible works. Much to my happiness, the interviewer, Fred Migliore, did an outstanding job of engaging Dan with insightful, well thought out questions. To hear Dan laugh, reminisce and enlighten us with each track was a treat I shall treasure! Cheers to FM Odessey for making this available for all to hear! - C.H.


What an exciting finished piece of artwork. Fabulous, warm, heart wrenching, memorable and on and on. Thank you very much for taking the time to pull this project together. - David and Ellyn, TN


I received the cd set and I am telling everyone about it because I am enjoying the interview with Dan Fogelberg and I am truly fascinated with the stories behind the songs. Thank you so much for sending it to me. I am so glad I decided to buy this for myself as a Christmas gift because I will treasure it for the rest of my life. - Michele M.


Just finished listening to my Christmas present - Dan's interview CD with Fred. What an awesome gift to have for years to come. This candid interview revealed answers to questions that had been going around in my head, such as what or whom is the song Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) about. I'll be truthful - I did not want this interview or CD to end, as it felt like Dan was being interviewed today and that we would be hearing from him again in the future. - Aaron B., Montana


I got mine right before the holidays and have already listened to it a few times. It's a great interview that I had no idea existed, and there are some insightful explanations from Dan about the meaning of his songs (like Nether Lands) and about how he came to work with certain artists. There are some funny stories too. He was in good spirits and the interview comes across like two old friends having a conversation. Dan was a true artist who believed in the power of communication through music, and its ability to touch something in all of us, and it was nice to hear this in the interview. I would highly recommend it (it's a double CD so there's a lot on there, plus great songs including some of the songs from Portrait that are not on other albums). Even my husband, who has always tolerated my love of all things Dan, really enjoyed it, and kept asking me to play it while we were in the car, out and about during the holidays! - anonymous from message board

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